Unknown Pleasures

Bryan LeungHuman Flow, 2013
my observations on fandoms
Coldplay fandom:
Everyone's the friendly kind of weirdo who would hug you as soon as look at you. Strong family atmosphere. Everyone has "Chris Martin syndrome" ( that's when you are annoyingly happy all of the time and never shut up about the stuff you love). The most talented fandom at editing gifs and photos. Favourite saying: "coldception"
Radiohead fandom:
Bit more down to earth than most other fandoms. Fans don't seem to talk together as much as in other fandoms, which seems to be because everyone is too busy worshiping the music, Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, or all three at once. There's also this thing about strawberries, but no one really understands it... Favourite saying: "play creep"
Blur fandom:
Everyone is drunk. Favourite saying: "I never doggy"

and god said let there be hangover


Early Sonic Youth


I don’t care where you’ve been or what you plan to do